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Hostelling International (HI) has over 80 member countries and 3500+ hostels, so you’ll find safe, clean, secure accommodation wherever you travel

QYH Qatar Youth Hostels is part of a global network

Hostelling International links more than 90 Youth Hostel Associations in over 80 countries, meaning you’ve got more than 3500 hostels across the planet to choose from! You can be sure HI hostels mean quality and variety of accommodation, and your QYH/HI membership gives you discounts all around the world.

Booking overseas hostels 

Get peace of mind when you stay with Hostelling International (HI) the world over. Use to research destinations and hostels, book accommodation and check out discounts.

Or, book through the QYH  Customer Service team: email us or phone 00274 6660 3104.

Worldwide discounts 

Did you know that being a member of QYH means you get membership benefits all over the world?

Check out the YHA Global Discounts Database for over 2,000 great discounts on travel across the globe.

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