Welcome to Qatar Youth Hostels!

Whether you’re a young backpacker, a travelling student or a family touring together Qatar Youth Hostels is the perfect place for you. During your stay with us you will have the opportunity to join other youth in activities or explore Qatar alone. As a guest, you may have friends in Qatar or you may want to make friends when you get here. Perhaps a safe, clean affordable room is what you are looking for or a dorm suits your travel style better. No matter your requirement at Qatar Youth Hostels, we can guarantee you a hospitality experience that is just right for you!

Located in a pleasant suburb just outside the heart of Qatar’s Capital City Doha, Qatar Youth Hostels is a quiet, homely, charming hostel built for comfort & convenience of guests. Designed with easy access tourist attractions, Qatar Youth Hostels carries a local touch, enabling guests to be treated with genuine hospitality and care.

You can check our wide range of accommodation options by visiting the Accommodation section