1. Watch a race or two at the Al Shahaniya Camel Racetrack

Camel racing, traditionally known as a local sport continues even today in the small hamlet of Al Shahaniya, where Qatar’s popular camel racetrack is situated. Visitors are charmed with an exceptional prospect to view the fiercely competitive and one of the most expensive sporting events in Qatar. Al-Shahaniya racing track, is an hour’s drive into the gleaming desert outside north of downtown Doha. The track holds domestic and international tournaments on Fridays from November to February.

2. Set aside time to visit the Weaponry Museum

Home to a world famous artifact – a khanjar (ceremonial dagger) that belonged to TE Lawrence (‘Lawrence of Arabia’) this small museum boasts of an impressive collection of arms and armour. Some of the exhibits at the Weaponry Museum come from the 16th century while others are from more recent times. The Museum also carries a dazzling array of gold and silver swords and daggers. The Weaponry Museum is open to the public by appointment or with a tour guide.

3. Take a cool walk through the MIA Park

The Museum of Islamic Art has its own beautifully laid out park. As an impressive green space adjacent to the Doha waterfront, MIA Park is home to Richard Serra’s vertical steel sculpture, known as ‘7’. This is the first public piece of art by this celebrated artist in the Middle East. On the first Saturday of every month from October to March, stalls sell arts and crafts, clothing and souvenirs form the Park Bazaar from noon to 7pm.

4. Visit a Centuries old Souq

Located in the heart of Doha, Souq Waqif is a wonderfully restored place to explore. As a centuries old site that has housed an open market the Souq has been cleverly redeveloped to look like a 19th-century market, with mud-rendered shops, exposed timber beams and some beautifully restored original Qatari buildings.

5. Spend a few hours at the Museum of Islamic Art

Designed by renown architect IM Pei (architect of the Louvre pyramid), the Museum of Islamic art is a perfect option for art and culture lovers.The museum contains a large collection of Islamic art drawn from three continent. There are free 40-minute guided tours (in English and Arabic) which takes visitors through the permanent collections on Thursday at 2pm and Saturday at 4pm, and of the temporary or special exhibitions on Wednesday at 2pm.

6. Drop by the Falcon Souq & Falcon Hospital

Falconry is one of Qatar’s best loved, ancient local sports. Housed within the famous Souq Waqif is a traditional Falcon Souq and a unique Falcon Hospital. Ton evenings visitors may be able to watch customers examining the birds and discussing the finer points of falconry with the shopkeepers. Next door to the Falcon Souq is the Falcon Hospital, which in itself is a place of interest to visitors.

7. Go bargain hunting at the Omani Market

This small unique market is the ideal place to hone your bargaining skills! Complete with a curious mix of merchandise, from Saudi dates and hand-woven baskets, to Omani dried fish, tobacco and lemons, Iranian honey and pots, camel sticks and incense, and fronds of pollen-bearing date flowers, the market is a quaint reminder of bygone times.

8. Take a drive to Al Zubara Fort

Qatar’s Al Zubara Fort was built in 1938. The Fort was used by the country’s military forces till the 1980s and now serves as a popular tourist spot. The site has several archaeology and pottery exhibits with traces of the ancient fort well preserved and visible. Since the fort is at the intersection of the road from Doha and the road from Al Ruweis, a beautiful beach town, which is 2km from Al Zubara, it is a good idea to plan to visit both locations on the same day.

9. Learn about Baladna Farm

The farm is a destination for many tourists, especially for the taste of oriental breakfast prepared daily. In addition to adventure tours, enjoy seeing the animals and the glass house of plants. Also enjoy a tour by riding the sickle and gathering in the tents there where the tourist can spend a whole day or half day

10. Learn about Al Dosari farm

It is considered one of the most important agricultural and and environmental tourist places in society, where it has a popular market, an exhibition of stuffed animals, a photographic exhibition and a heritage section

11. Safari in Celine Beach

Safari trip in Celine Beach (full day) – Desert bike ride – Sand skiing – camel ride –  sea Swimming.

12. Learn about the Museum of the Higher Committee for Projects and Heritage

The Heritage Museum of the Higher Committee for Projects and Heritage of the 2022 World Cup to discover the various aspects of the museum, plans design, construction processes and also the history of football in the State of Qatar.

13. Al – Lusail Shooting Club 

Al Wasail Shooting Club is a beautiful place where it is characterized by cheap prices of QR100 for 25 rounds. It is located in Lusail area and is supervised of the Qatar Shooting and Arrow Federation.

14. Tour of Aspire Park

Aspire Park is also the largest park in the State of Qatar, with a total area of 880,000 square meters, giving all visitors a variety of recreational options to promote healthy lifestyles in Qatar (Aspire Zone features some of the world’s best sports facilities, It is an exceptional destination for organizing tournaments, sports competitions, sports medicine, and sports research and education the international level.

15.  Discover the secrets of Musheireb museums

Mushaireb Museums for Qatari Cultures and Heritage is an opportunity to learn about the mysteries of Qatari heritage mixed with modernity. The tourist can learn about past, present and future at the same time through the house Radwani,  House Jellmout, House Alsharika, and the House of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Jassem Al Thani.

16.  Al Qaram forests in Al Dekhira

Located north of the city of Al Khor, Al Qaram forests in Al Dekhira is a natural forest that stretches over vast areas, showing an attractive variation with the vast expanses of desert. This wide range of green spaces attracts local and migrant birds such as pink flamingos and heron birds. These forests can be explored by kayaks boats provided by many tour operators and competent companies.

17.  The Rock inscriptions Site in Aljessassia

Located on the northeast coast, the site consists of 874 engravings, the earliest believed to date back to the Neolithic Age. The site was discovered in 1957 and consists of various designs and patterns such as matrix cups, roses, ships and some footprints.

18.  Sheikh Faisal bin Qasim Museum

The Sheikh Faisal bin Qasim Special Museum, located in Samariyah, houses a remarkable collection of more than 15,000 items covering various arts, handicrafts and tools, as well as many household items used in everyday life, which are rich in pre-oil history . One of the distinguishing features of this museum is its containment of a valuable collection of old cars.

19.  Souq Waqif Al Wakra

Souq Waqif Al Wakra is located directly on the sea and is a group of old houses that have been renovated and contain restaurants, some of which with external spaces,  some with high platforms and others internal. All tastes are suitable for both choice of seating or choice of variety of foods.