Involving +1700 Nationals and Residents, Qatar Youth Hostels Association to Harvest Ramadan Fruit

The Qatar Youth Hostels (QYH) Association offered a great many activities during Ramadan, including lots of different cultural and sports events which received huge turnout by the members and the participants. Bags of valuable gifts and awards were also presented.

Held over a six-day lifetime throughout the Holy Month, Nqsa Mn Fotorna (A Share of Our Ramadan Breakfast Meal) event turned out to benefit a quite large crowd of people, who received daily Iftar meals. Additionally, QYH young volunteers distributed meals, water bottles and juices before ­Iftar time to on-the-go passers-by, commuters and travelers.

Sports activities also included a soccer match at Al Furqan School, a QYH tournament at Al-Ahli Club with 50 young men and 40 awards and a bowling tournament of 20 young players of different ages.

Moreover, two visits were made under Zuwara Program; the first was paid to the Qatari Center of Social Cultural for the Deaf (QCSCD) attended by 65 young men, while the second was to Ehsan Charity Center for the Elderly Care, involving 230 young people of both genders. Zuwara Program is ranked as the most prominent event since it significantly helped to provide psychological and emotional backup to the QCSCD and Ehsan residents.

The Qatar Youth Hostels Association held the three-day Ramadan Mal Lawal Heritage Exhibition in Luqata area, involving 160 participants, for entrenching old traditions, customs and noble values. A Ramadan Ghabga Gathering at the Torch Hotel with more than 40 young people was organized, as well. Other QYH events during the Holy Month included Drive Safely This Ramadan initiative on Doha Corniche with 50 young participants, Al-Mesahar (the Awakening Drummer) event with 15 young participants for reviving this old Ramadan legacy and the Garangao Night at Wifaq Center and Gulf Mall, with nearly 500 participants. Eid Gifts were also given to 50 children of the Qatar Autism Center and Special Needs (QACSN).

To add more, QYH Ramadan Program for this year involved a variety of cultural events. The online cultural contest was the most prominent event, in which 426 participants were involved. Five winners received the assigned awards throughout the Holy Month. Another 76 contestants, including 4 winners, took part in a competition about the QYH Association on Twitter’s @discoverqtr.

Finally, the QYH Association held the Grand Ramadan Competition at the Landmark Mall, with the participation of 50 young men, who all received prizes.

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