Qatar Travel Association

Is the Association of Qatari Travelers which supports their activities inside and outside Qatar, encourages them to travel and offer their experiences, and facilitate communication between adventurers and lovers of travel and migration.

  • Embracing Qatari travelers and supporting their internal and external activities.
  • Highlighting the role of Qatari travelers in society.
  • Encouraging travel and discovery of civilizations and cultures.
  • Enhancing the promotion of domestic tourism by visiting archaeological and tourist sites.

Value Ambassadors

The Project is designed for the preparation and empowerment of distinctive Qatari youth for a cultural and valuable system that can potentially help with the development and progress of the organizations, enterprises and projects that can enrich youth work.

  • To enhance the value and knowledge of Qatari youth.
  • Identify key tools for launching initiatives and projects.
  • Acquaintance with the experience owners to benefit from their scientific expertise.

Qatar explorer guide

A guide that presents the experiences and explorations of Qatari youth worldwide

  • Present youth experiences in the field of travel and tourism.
  • Encourage young people to travel, explore adventures and discover the world.
  • Enrich public knowledge about external societies, their characteristics, ideas, customs and traditions.
  • Provide a common space for young people to spread their discoveries, adventures and sharing with the world.

Discover Qatar in 144 Hours

A tourist program directed to youth groups from various youth hostels around the world to discover Qatar in 144 hours

  • Enhance internal tourism by visiting archaeological, tourist and sports sites…
  • Strengthen cooperation with various youth hostels in the world.
  • Promote values of understanding, tolerance and develop communication skills among young people.

Different Table

Is an invitation to a group of young Qataris and the same number young people from one of the communities residing in Qatar in coordination with schools and community councils to spend a full day together to get to know each other’s cultures and customs.

  • Exchange of youth experiences in the field of tourism and culture to identify other peoples.
  • Identify peoples’ cultures closely through dialogue and interactive participation among young people.
  • Establish dialogue and positive interaction through the popular dishes as a table, which represents an opportunity to meet ideas, exchange information and make friends.
  • Encourage Qatari youth to visit and discover other countries through what they notice during the meeting.

Doroub Program (Path Program)

A cultural tourism program is held every two weeks (Thursday and Friday). It includes trips to institutions of various fields, in order to introduce the scientific professional fields, as well as to stay in one of the youth centers and visit the most important archaeological sites in Qatar. The program includes multiple activities.

  • Discovering the professional orientation of young people and enhancing their awareness through workshops and educational programs and refining their talents in sports and cultural activities through the exploitation of their free time.
  • Motivating young people to the spirit of adventure, discovery and travel to promote internal tourism by visiting tourism and heritage sites.
  • Promoting self-reliance among young people and take responsibility and contribute to supporting positive friendships and social relationships among participants.
  • Strengthening the youth’s belonging to their homeland and their participation in building their community and pride in the Qatari identity and linking it to the positive behaviors that must be achieved by the camps and the travelers.
  • Strengthening cooperation with youth, sports and civil society institutions in the youth field.

Al Dalila (The Guide)

An initiative dedicated to the female component, which includes a series of programs and activities aimed at discovering the different aspects of tourism in Qatar such as eco-tourism, economic, health, sports and cultural.

An initiative dedicated to the female component, which includes a series of programs and activities aimed at discovering the different aspects of tourism in Qatar such as eco-tourism, economic, health, sports and cultural tourism.

  • Reviving the popular heritage and identifying the history of the country.
  • Strengthen cooperation with youth, sports and civil society institutions.
  • Promote internal tourism by visiting tourist and heritage sites.
  • Promoting awareness among participants through workshops, educational programs and workshops.

Louhat Diretna (Our Country Paintings)

A competition aimed at university student to promote tourism and highlight the tourist attractions in the State of Qatar from an artistic side.

  • Enabling young people to participate and encourage talented people to draw up tourism and heritage sites in the State of Qatar.
  • Enhance the touristic side and highlight the tourist and heritage places through art.
  • Set up an exhibition to display paintings.