About Qatar Youth Hostels

At the beginning of the twentieth century, Richard Schirrmann, the leader of the international youth hostel movement, established the first permanent youth hostel in Al-Tana village in 1909. Gradually, the movement started spreading throughout most of Europe later becoming an international phenomenon. The first international conference for Youth Hostels Associations was convened in Amsterdam, Holland

In October 1932, The International Federation of Youth Hostels Associations was established and from that point on, the philosophy of the youth movement and its message started to rise, promoting peace and tolerance. The aim was to prepare young people by providing them with affordable housing and accommodation during their travels. The housing provided contained the needed elements and programs to build future leaders. In addition, these hostels were considered the perfect destinations for young people to be introduced to other cultures, build new bridges with different countries, develop an interest in the environment around them, becoming familiar with living according to a specific system as part of one team.

Later on, a group of young leaders saw the need to establish youth hostels in Qatar. The proposal was immediately submitted to the Supreme Council for Youth Welfare, which was then headed by HRH the Father Emir, Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani. The proposal was approved by his highness on 01/12/1986.

Founders Of The Assembly And Members Of The First Board Of Directors

His Excellency Sheikh Mohammed Bin Eid Al-ThaniSecretary General of the Supreme Council for Youth Welfare
Mr. Mohamed Faraj QassemEmployee
Mr. Mohamed Ali Al-MohannadiEmployee
Mr. Ali Mohamed YousefEmployee
Mr. AbdulRahman Eid Al-NuaimiEmployee
Mr. Saleh Abdullah Al-MarriEmployee
Mr. Hamad AbdulRahman Omar Al-RumaihiEmployee
Mr. Hassan Ahmed Al-SadaEmployee
Mr. Mubarak Aman Al-AbdullahEmployee


Qatar Youth Hostels was established in 1403 AH / 1983 AD.

The association joined the Arab Federation of Youth Associations in December 1983 and the International Association of Youth Hostels in June 1986.

The Purpose Of Establishing Qatar Youth Hostels

The purpose of Qatar Youth Hostels is to contribute to in providing travelling youngsters with houses, camps, and suitable accommodation. Moreover, it was established to encourage youth to travel, study abroad, serve the environment, train them in independence, discipline, inspiring them to work in teams, to contribute into the community and to participate in different public services and religious, social, cultural, recreational and artistic programs.

Chairpersons Of The Boards Of Directors

Sheikh Mohammed bin Eid Al-Thani (1983-1989)
Sheikh Mohammed Bin Eid Al-Thani (1989-1991)
Mr. Sultan Mubarak Al-Mohannadi (1991-1993)
Mr. Sultan Mubarak Al-Mohannadi (1993-1995)
Engineer\ Ali Abdullah Al-Ibrahim (1995-1999)
Mr. Khalid Yousef Al-Mulla (1999-2010)
Mr. Abdulaziz Khalifa Al-Amari (2010-2015)

Executive Directors

Mr. Abdulaziz Khalifa Al Ammari (2015-2016)
Engineer\ Mohammad Mahdi Al-Yami (2016-2017)
Engineer\ Ahmed Hassan Alobaidly (2017-till now)