In its Call for Support to the National Corporates, QYH Eid Gifts Given to ASD and SN Students

A stone’s throw from Eid Al Fitr, the Lesser Bairam, and under ZUWARA platform, the Qatar Youth Hostel (QYH) Association paid a visit to the Qatar Autism Center and Special Needs W.LL (QACSN), to emotionally and morally support its students in a message that their society is still around, and to help them with their health problems e.g. Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). There was rallied interaction between QACSN students and the QYH members, who gave them a lovely collection of holiday gifts that brought joy and pleasure to their door.

“The QYH visit, along with the Eid Gifts the students in the Center received, is a good gesture with a powerful impact to bring smiling to students. It is an appropriate method of emotional support and integration in the society through communication and interaction.”, said Amira Amin Ismail, QACSN Director General. “The QYH initiative and the students’ interaction with the visitors underscores the importance of such initiatives in assisting these students adapt to and interact with the outside society”. Amira extended her thanks to the Association and the Board Members for their initiative.

According to the QYH Association, the visit was paid under ZUWARA Platform, started off by the Association as part of its distinguished Ramadan Program this year. It involves visits to a number of organizations with various humanitarian cases. ZUWARA Team has already paid visits to Ehasn Center of Empowerment and Care Elderly, along with other places that include humanitarian groups that are in need of emotional and moral support.

QYH visit to the ASD and SN students is considerably important to the Association’s activities, which always involve interacting with all social strata for the outbreak of QYH Culture and Mission, fulfilling its designated role to provide support, rehabilitation and integration for different categories. This, in turn, meets our Qatar’s Vision and help integrate those categories.

ASD and SN categories are part of the society, which is greatly impacted if they are disregarded. All corporates and social classes are most welcomed and encouraged to give a hand to the State and its centers in rehabilitating and integrating that category into society. It is an arduous task that needs all concerted efforts. Additionally, their families should also be backed up and supported.

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