Supported by Qatar Youth Hostels The adventurer Salman Al-Khanji will be embarking on 540-kilometer hike around Qatar on foot.

Qatar’s young adventurer Salman Al-Khanji is embarking on his new 16-day hike  around Qatar starting Friday 1st December  ( to introduce and promote domestic tourism by visiting archaeological and touristic sites with historical, geological and environmental aspects, sponsored and supported by Qatari youth hostels. To promote youth tourism and outdoor adventures. The country’s 26-year-old adventurer, Salman Al-Khanji, believes that in this world there are other options for living outside the daily routines and lifestyle the constrict most of us. It is essential for everyone to discover the abilities of their body and challenge themselves to discover new skills and potential.

Salman chose to travel the country’s soil on foot in a 16-day hike, connecting it the north of Qatar with the south and east with the West, at a total distance of 540 km, through which he will tour his Qatar’s  tourist, historic, environmental, heritage, museums, gardens and environmental reserves, truly discovering Qatar from a new perspective.  The hike will begin from Abu Samra to passing through trinah fram, Al-Wakir, Doha, Smisma, Al Khor, Ruwais, Zubara, Jamiliyah, Dukhan, Um Bab, Dahl Al Mesfer ( Cave), finishing at Khor Al Udid

Salman passion for adventures began at eight years old when he traveled to Egypt with the Center for Art Creativity and he discovered a different style of life and culture. The love of adventure and discovery was reborn within him and grew more during his studies at the university, climbing Kilimanjaro twice in 2015 and 2016 with his family. Then he participated in the first edition of the  Desert Adventure Race  ‘Samla’ 200 km from Fort Zubara to  the south of Qatar,  it was a fun and strange race for him where he did not participate in ultra-marathons before and after awakening the curiosity within Salman. He began to think that there must be a place still not yet explored full with adventures, that’s when he started  dreaming of skiing full distance 1200km from the coast of Antarctica to south pole.

Preparing for the south pole expedition , he embarked on  many expedition, mostly in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and a number of islands near the Arctic Circle, he encountered during these trips several daily difficulties and learnt how to face them , after experiencing life in harsh and challenging environments his perception we all take for granted in our daily lives. He chooses to fill his life with experiences, challenges and adventures , through which he develops skills and learns more about his true potential , tasting the true meaning of life, the journey may seem dangerous, not knowing where one will sleep and what one will face.

“If I thought about fears when leaving home, I wouldn’t be who I am, because the man who fears dangers does not advance, I take the risk and fall forward” Salman said: “My relationship with the Qatari youth hostels started during a cultural education event where I realized that the  goals, vision and mission of the youth hostels were  in line with my vision and life’s dream. They have supported me and helped further develop Hike Qatar concept. They have raised my awareness and educated me about the many tourist, historical, environmental and heritage areas in  Qatar and they have been there from start of the journey and I am very happy to have my partnered up with them.

At the end of the interview, Al-Khanji calls on young people in Qatar to discover their potential within them through new experiences and challenges to discover skills with the slogan “Stir The Spirit & Your Body Will Follow”

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