Discover Qatar in 144 hours

A touristic program that aims the youth groups from various youth associations around the world to discover Qatar in 144 hours to learn about the most important tourist, heritage and sports places, and to see the comprehensive renaissance in all fields in Qatar. This contribute in enhancing internal tourism and values ​​of understanding and leniency, as well as developing youth’s communication skills.


  • Enhancing internal tourism through visiting archaeological, tourist and sports sites …
  • To strengthen cooperation with various youth hostels in the world
  • Promoting values ​​of understanding, leniency and developing communication skills among youth

Tourism tours in Qatar

Cultural Tourism

This chapter contains the most important cultural landmarks in the State of Qatar and theaters in Qatar

Msheireb Museums

Msheireb museums of Qatari cultures and heritage is to learn the secrets of the Qatari heritage that is mixed with modernity which allows the tourist to know about the past, present, and future at one time through Beit (House) AL-Radwani, Beit Ben Gelmoud, the company’s house and the house of Sheikh Mohammed bin Jassim al-Thani.

Museum of Islamic art (MIA)

These guiding tours offer entertainment and excitement, as well as giving space to see the building of the museum and the garden from different angle from the water level. The tour is educational and deals with the architecture art, as well as the architect I. M. Pei. Also we highlight the 7 carved of Richard Serra that is located at the end of the park.

Katara Cultural Village

The cultural village at Katara contains high level of fine dining options that serves delicious cuisine from the worldwide kitchens. It is a place that public visit to know the cultures of the world, through its magnificent theaters, musical halls, showrooms and other sophisticated facilities. In Katara, culture and creativity combine with each other, reflecting the legacy of architecture in the region. Its theaters and spacious halls are rich in water sports options.Various round shows through the year include concerts, shows and art exhibitions. This landmark is not limited to that only, but also includes a private beach with plenty of water sports options.

Souq Waqif

Souq Waqif is a traditional market which is considered as one of the most important tourism landmarks in the city of Doha. The market combines between heritage and originality and also between modern city, and it is the most famous tourist and heritage landmark that tourists and citizens visit. The market is known for selling heritage things and eating Arabic, popular and international food.

Arab Museum of Modern Art

The Arab Museum of Modern Art in Doha offers an Arab perspective of modern and contemporary art and supports creativity, as well as it promotes dialogue and inspires the new ideas. Founded in 2010 and is considered among the most important cultural monuments in the country.

Museum of Weapons

One of the interesting museums that include a large collection and a variety of very impressive weapons and exhibits, which reflect the craftsmanship and experience of its holder. The main attraction factor is the famous Lawrence Dagger. The museum has other pieces of gold, silver, daggers and swords, some of them its history goes back to 1500 AD.

Souq Waqif  Al Wakrah

Located directly on the sea and it is a group of old houses that has been refurbished. It also contains outdoor restaurants and others with high platforms and others are internal and suitable for all the tastes for choosing the place to sit or choosing the type of miscellaneous foods.

Matafee  Artists’ headquarters

“Firestation” building – which was the place of the old civil defense – after transforming it to a place for artists and artistic establishment, host local and Arab experiences and creative talents in order to expand the field of art exchange and knowledge.

Sheikh Faisal bin Qasim Museum

Sheikh Faisal bin Qasim private museum is in Samerea. It contains an impressive collection of exhibits of more than 15,000 pieces covering various arts subjects and handicrafts and used tools. In addition, household materials that are used in traditional everyday life that has the history of the pre-oil era. Also, one of the special characteristic of this museum is that it contains a valuable collection of old cars.


Imam Mohammed bin Abdul Wahab Mosque

Qatar Science & Technology Park

Education City – Virginia exhibition

Qatar National Theater

Souq Waqif Theater

Environmental Tourism – Nature and Parks

This chapter contains the most important places that attract nature loversIt has the most important farms outside Doha and all the iparks around Qatar as well as places that introduce the Qatari environment like plants and animals


A small village and perfect place for nature lovers. known for its swamps which you can dive in and fishes live in them, as well as mollusks.

Rock Formations in “Ras Broog”

A Moon-like nature with limestone formations carved by wind. The west coast of Qatar offers attractive and unobtrusive destinations. The area around Zekreet and Ras Broog Peninsula are famous with their natural sandy beaches, natural deer reserve and other spectacular lunar features and rock formations that are sculpted by wind.

Dahl Al-Mesfer

A 40 meter deep cave that can reflect a phosphorescence glow. The Gypsum deposits in the middle of the peninsula has led to some interesting geological phenomena such as so-called the “Desert Rose” (sets of gypsum-shaped crystals and perhaps the most important is the formation of a deep cave that is depth reaches 40 meters in the area of ​​Dahl Al-Mesfer, and gypsum formations which sometimes gives a light glow similar to the moon’s glow.

Baladna Farm

North Sedra Farm

Al-Dossary Farm and reserve

Broog Reserves

Al-Kubaisi Reserve

Oryx Reserve

Internet Parks ipark

Public can make use of the free wireless internet access in many parks and playgrounds they visit in Qatar, where they can send e-mail and shopping electronically or chatting or surfing the web without any cost.

Sheraton Park

The Sheraton Park is located in the Corniche area just south of the Sheraton roundabout.

Dahl Al Hamam Park

The Dahl Al Hamam Park is located north of Khalifa City, opposite to Al-Markhia Street and the League of Arab States Street.

Umm Salal Park

Umm Salal Park is located on an area of ​​12,272 square meters off Ali Bin Jassem Street.

Al – Shahaniya Park

Al Shahaniya Park is located near 825 Street and has many facilities, including a basketball court and a football field.

Dukhan Park

Dukhan Park is 80 km west of Doha.

Smaisma Park

Smaisma park is overlooking the sea at the end of Smaisma Street.

Museum of Islamic Art

Aspire Park

Heritage and Historical Tourism

This chapter contains the most important Cultural and Historical landmarks in the State of Qatar

Al-Zubarah Castle

Until recently, the castle was used as a center of the police, and now it became a heritage site. The prisoners were placed in cells which are only accessible through stair that is dilapidated, and only one cell is open to the public.

Umm Salal Mohammed Village – Barzan Towers

The streets of the village represent the ancient Qatari architecture. There is also the famous Barzan Towers which were built at the beginning of the 20th century. Barzan means the high place and its story goes back to the pearl divers, where they could see Barzan Towers on their way back from pearl extractions trips.

The site of the rock inscriptions in Aljassaseyah

Located on the northeast coast, and the site consists of 874 engraving. The earliest believed that it goes back to the modern Stone Age. The site was discovered in 1957 and it consists of designs and various patterns such as matrix cups, roses and ships, and some of the footprints.

The village of Ayyal Al Dheeb – Broog

Located in Broog, which is located in the western part of Qatar. Broog is considered as a reserve that has wild animals such as deer and ostrich. The Ayyal al-Dheeb castle was built in 2000 to video shot a series.

Ancient pearl fishing villages

These ancient villages are located along the northern coast of Qatar Peninsula. It represent the remnants of the lost civilization. Some of these villages are completely surrounded; you may need to request permission to access those sites.

Arkiat Castle

The Arkiat castle is one of several desert castles that dates its history back to the 19th century, and one of few of them has been restored in the 1980s. There is a well of fresh water inside the castle itself and there are scattered remains from a village close to the castle. The name “Arkiat” means well in Arabic, therefore it is believed that it has been built to protect the basic sources of water in the area. It is a typical example of desert castles that include three rectangular towers and a round tower. On the three sides of the central courtyard there are lined narrow rooms without windows or doors, open on the light of the vast courtyard.

Al-Koot Castle

Al-Kut Fortress (also known as the Doha Castle) was built in 1927 to be a police station and security control area of the market. It was also used as a prison. It is square in shape with three circular towers, a rectangular tower and walls with Qatari-style openings in each corner.

AL-Wajbah Castle

This castle is located 15 km west of Doha and was built in the late 18th or early 19th century.  Its historical significance stems from the fact that it was the site of the AL-Wajbah famous battle of 1893 where Ottoman soldiers were defeated by Qatari forces, as well as it is a residence of many sheikhs during different historical periods.

Sport tourism

This chapter contains the most important landmarks and sports facilities that deserve to visit at Qatar

Legacy Museum

Heritage Museum is of the Supreme Committee for Projects and Legacy for the 2022 World Cup to learn about various aspects of the museum and the designs related to the plans and construction processes and also to the history of football in Qatar.

Lusail Shooting Club

Khalifa International Tennis & Squash Complex


Aspire Academy and park

Doha Golf Club

Al Shaqab

Khalifa International Stadium

Camel track

Entertainment Tourism Beaches and Adventures – Markets and Trade Centers

This chapter contains the most important tourist attractions for lovers of beaches, adventures, shopping and various entertainment venues

Khor Al-Odaid – the desert and inland sea

It is 60 km from Doha in the south-east of the country.  It is one of the most spectacular natural wonders in Qatar. It is also called the “inner sea”. It was selected as a natural reserve by the UNESCO, and it is one of the few places in the world that exists where the sea is in the heart of the desert. It cannot be accessed by walking on feet. So you have to ride SUV cars to cross the dunes and high sand. You can take a trip to the desert to see the tranquil beauty and the golden sand dunes and the sea. The exciting adventures begin by driving above the dunes as if you were riding a quick locomotive.

Aqua Park – Qatar

The Pearl

Walking in it includes three places in the Pearl (Porto Arabia – Central City – Cartier Canal) which contains many international restaurants and coffee shops and it is known as the first land available for free ownership of foreigner nationals in Qatar. It also has the latest gaming center for adults and young people



Sealine Beach Resort

Banana Island Resort

Alghareeyah Resort

Smaismah Resort

Markets and Trade Centers

Al-HAZM Mall

Al-Merqab Mall

 Qatar Mall


The Gate Mall

 Doha Festival City

 Towar Mall

Gulf Mall

Azdan Mall

Villagio Mall

Hyatt Plaza

City ​​center

 The Land Mark

 Dar Salaam Mall