Trip of Spain

Espagne ()
  • إقامة فندقية
  • اسعاف
  • توصيل
  • عشاء
  • غداء
  • فطور


The journey of Spain that is organized by the Qatari youth hostels (QYH) in cooperation with Al-Wajdan Cultural Center is the third phase of the Ambassadors’ Values ​​Program.

The participants were introduced to the eight values ​​and perspectives model, as well as the most important foundations of progress and advancement in the societies led by Dr. Jasem Sultan.

Then training the participants on how to start up initiatives, and social projects that are linked to values ​​in the second stage of the program.

From the premise of approaching the real scientific experiences and enhancing the cultural and values side in the participants, the program adopted the third stage in order to broaden the intellectual horizons of the participants in the combination of the intellectual and history of civilization through the ages by visiting Andalusia, the witness of the Islamic heritage values ​​and human example of who have contributed in the progress of mankind .

What we have reached to in today’s world.