On a Rallying Reservation Demand, Qatar Youth Hostels Association To Accommodate Omanis on Eid

As part of its ex gratia initiative, the Qatar Youth Hostels (QYH) Association has been showered with an increasing hail for accommodation from the Omani nationals, seeking to spend the Eid days in Qatar and to accommodate at the Association in its location in the Luqata Area.

“Large crowds of Omanis have already made reservation in response to the gratis initiative.”, states the QYH Association. “People of Qatar are highly delighted and honored to have their Omani and Kuwaiti brothers beside them during Eid Days”.

The Association has prepared all its rooms and set a wonderful program for all the visitors in pursuit of Eid there. Various common festive and joyful events during Eid times are added to the program.

Eid time in Qatar has special and attractive atmosphere. Joss-stick and incense trade, along with other perfumes, flourishes and experiences rallying demand during the last ten days of Ramadan. Joss-stick is commonly used by both men and women. It is added on burning charcoal in a censer to disperse its aroma. Usually, Guests are censed during mutual visits to give Eid felicitations and compliments. The aromatic Joss-stick fragrance is held in the garments and headdress for a long time.

Upon the close of the visit, Eid felicitators are also censed. Joss-stick is typically served after having some sweets and enjoying the Arabic coffee. “Maa Ba’d Al’uud G’uud” (No Stay after Joss-stick is served), a popular saying in Qatar indicating that joss-stick is offered just before the guests are leaving.

Moreover, many Eid festive events are held. Preparations for Eid in Islamic countries are almost comparable; however, there are pure Qatari manifestations on that occasion: shops in Doha are kept open until late at night and commuting in the markets is very dynamic, especially in Souq Waqif, where customers flood in large numbers due to its commodities needed by Qatari families.

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