With Flying Flag of Qatar and QYH Banner, Two QYH Members Trodden on Loftiest European Summit

In high spirits and great pride, two members of the Qatar Youth Hostels (QYH) Association have recently made history upon their feet treading on the European loftiest Mount Elbrus, raising the national Flag of Qatar and the QYH Banner. It is crystal clear manifestation of the leading QYH associates and members to experience global adventures for reaching the targets of its programs through traveling and touring, along with raising our national flag on the highest summits worldwide.

After many hours of agonizing effort and struggle, the two members felt over the moon to tread with their feet on the highest Russian summit in Europe and the 10th highest summit in the world to set the Flag of Qatar and the QYH Banner over there. It is an explicit message of love, loyalty and belonging to our dearest country and its proud people and government.

Throughout their adventure, Qatar was dominating their minds, and its national flag never left their hands. They wanted it to fly high over the altitude, which is the least they can give to their unjustly besieged country.

The QYH Association has always been dedicated to provide strong support and pay full attention for such adventuresome experiences, being one of the most significant lessons that entrench determination, devotion, persistence, steadfastness and sacrifice within the youth. This also enhances loyalty, belonging and homeland pride, representing one of the great missions which the Association is devoted to.

The endeavors exerted by the Association in order to enhance the youth skills, channel their potentials and capabilities and assist them to benefit from them, stresses its leadership, vision and mission for which it was mainly founded. QYH members are constantly supported by its officials and BOD members to help them reach their aspirations and participate in events that refine their talents. Travel, with all its inclusive activities and distinct programs, plays a role also in this support.

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