On a Walk-Around Inspection Visit, QYH Members Checked Out Doha Metro

On a walk-around for its associates, the Qatar Youth Hostels (QYH) Association checked out the Doha Metro Project, achieved under Qatar Rail, in order to showcase the youth the immense achievements and efforts made in this megaproject. Qatar Rail officials warmly welcomed the visitors and provided them with a detailed presentation on the services.

“Everyone living on this land should see the projects of our country and feel pride in its achievements, especially Doha Metro. Information on this project came only from the media. However, our visit showed us the hard work and efforts of the staff and officials of this megaproject.”, said Mona Abdullah Al Riyashi, of the visiting group. “This important visit opened our eyes to the volume of the state projects, which we have to keep up with through creating other projects and reflecting on huge achievements to give back to our country. Our beloved Qatar truly deserves every effort and sweat drop for the benefits and services it renders to its citizens and residents”.

Mona Al Riyashi expressed her sincerest gratitude to the QYH Association and to Wjdani Aseel Initiative for coordinating and organizing the visit, which benefited everyone and manifested the Country’s megaprojects, worthy of all praise and support.

“The huge achievement and effort in this megaproject went over all my expectations. It deserves all the commendation and support since it already stresses the vision of our beloved Country on its journey to global service large-scale projects.” said Tamader Nasser Mashhadi, expressing her pride in this great attainment, which will create a quantum leapfrog in the transportation system in the State and work out serious traffic problems. It is also a leading step forward ahead that will optimally employ our resources. “The explanation provided by the officials on this project and its significant work is a source of pride in Qatar’s vision and wise leadership on providing all the amenities to its nationals and residents”.

“I learned about lots of things and wonderful details about the project and its stations, services and luxurious welfare rendered to its users. This great achievement, which will be completed soon, is a big stride towards globalism on the land of Qatar.”, said Mariam Naji Al Sayegh, who gave her thanks to the QYH Association for organizing this visit, giving her a good opportunity to see this giant project on site. “I took great advantage of viewing the project and learning about its details and rendered services, along with the role it plays in creating a better future for the coming generations through rendering prosperity and mitigating traffic congestion”.

A major objective of the QYH Association is to introduce the Qatari youth to the most prominent attainments and projects developed in Qatar. The Association is further extending its deepest thanks to everyone who helped to turn this visit into a success, including Qatar Rail

Moreover, Qatar is a growing country, and to accommodate this growth, a new, sustainable, and efficient way of getting both people and freight around the country was needed. Established by Emiri decree in 2011, Qatar Rail was given the mandate to design and develop the country’s rail network, and after the rail projects are completed, manage, operate, and maintain them.

Qatar Rail’s answer to Qatar’s transportation challenges lies in three major projects:  Doha Metro,  Lusail Tram (LT) and The Long Distance Rail. Once all the projects are completed by 2030, the three networks will act as one integrated system, allowing passengers to easily transfer between them.


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